Super Hydrat Argan Concentrate 1000ml

Now with new formula concentrated. Greater yeld and more saving!

With a formulation enriched by the multifunctional argan oil, the Pearly Brush Shampoo has antifrizz action and promotes an improved brush with long-lasting smoothness and expected shine.

The new concentrated formula expands exponentially the practicality of use of the product in the beauty salons, improving the logistic and aesthetic issues, since it counts on a smaller, more practical bottle and with a design more appealing to the hairdresser and to the end customer.

Minasflor innovates with an ECO-AWARE product inspired by sustainability, preserving nature and thinking of reducing logistical resources such as storage and transport, keeping Always the high standard of quality.


Contains: Concentrated shampoo and 1 dilution bottle.

Description: Promotes improved brush with long lasting smooth and mirrored shine.

Indications: Pre-chemistry, ideal for brush with extra gloss, creating pearlescent effect.

Average income: applications

Action and active components

  • Argan oil: fiber shine, protection and strengthening.
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