Stylo Brush Accelerator & Fixer – 120ml

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1st with titanium thermal protection 240ºC.

The Accelerator & amp; Stylo Brush Fixer has changed its formula for the better, ensuring efficiency in finishing procedures. It accelerates the brushing process, increases the brightness, decreases frizz in the hair, increases the durability of the brush, reconstruction of the hair fiber. With technology from the Swiss Apple Stem Cell it is able to regenerate and increase the longevity of the hair fiber and memory effect of the modeling.

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Description: Capillary polishing effect, high fixation to hair and long lasting hairstyles.

Average yield: applications

Actions/Active Components

Cells of apple trunk and Argan oil.

  • Silicones and mica glitter, double-tip repair, conditioning, velvety touch, anti-frizz.
  • Polyquaternium 55: activator and retention of curls, modeling, fixation, volume reduction, thermal protection and moisture resistance, definition and memory effect (keeps the fiber aligned for longer, Cached).
  • Switzerland apple stem cells: Antiaging, self renewal, differentiation, replenishing dying cells and regenerating damaged tissues.
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