Shampoo Clinic + Hair 1000ml

The cure for strands, with custom combinations for each hair.

The Shampoo Clinic + Hair deeply treats the strands, with super concentrated active components, providing deep nutrition in damaged areas throughout the hair, ensuring reconstruction and strength in the first application, especially for lifeless and damaged hair.

With numerous combinations and active alternatives, the Clinic + Hair line offers a complete range of services and flexible solutions for immediate recovery of each type of hair.

It proposes to rescue the health of damaged hair, providing deep nutrition, immediate reduction of volume, maximum silkiness and strengthening of the hair fiber in just 60 seconds.

After diagnosis, it allows the hairdresser to make a personalized treatment, supplying the particular needs of each type of hair, for a unique and tailored result.

Category: .

Description: filling and fixing of the hair fiber.

Indication: For all hair types, especially porous hair.

Presentation / Average yield: 30 applications

Action and active components

Hydrolipid / Glycolic Acid : Hydration, softness, strength and manageability for healthy and chemically treated hair.

Kinoa : it is a cereal of high protein value with several beneficial properties to the hair.

Amino acids: Strength, resistance, elasticity, softness, combability, protection of oxidative processes and fiber reconstruction, shine, softness, body, conditioning, soft touch, UV sun protection, restructuring.

Multiminerals: aluminum, zinc, chlorine, magnesium, copper, manganese, potassium, sodium and lysine.

Keratin : restoration, hydration, film formation, gloss, fortification, elasticity.

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