Resgate Mask – 1000g

Nutriorganic product of the Lavatory Line.

Rich in nutrients, it returns the luster to dull hair, nourishing and softening the threads.

Category: .

Description: replenishes nutrients and deeply moisturizes hair.

Indication: dry, opaque and brittle hair that needs replenishment of nutrients and water.

Average yield: 50 applications.

Actions/Active Components

  • Clay: Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, performing capillary peeling.
  • Mandioca: has proteins and vitamins that nourish, moisturize and strengthen the hair fiber.
  • Ora-pro-nobis: with 24.5% protein, has an emollient effect and promotes the velvety effect of the yarn.
  • Semi-flax: has antioxidant effect, fortifies hair.
  • Coconut oil: nourishes deeply.
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