Mystique Monoï Oil Conditioner – 300ml

The Mystique Revitalizing Conditioner helps maintain the brightness and liveliness of chemically colored hair, as well as promote progressive and lasting hydration.

The Mystique Monoï Oil line prolongs the effect of color and restores hair mass, leaving hair healthier and stronger. Brightness and color for much longer!

Monoï oil comes from the maceration of the Tiaré flower with coconut oil, creating an oil rich in fatty acids that helps in maintaining color and preventing the aging of the threads.

In addition to promoting hydration and emollience, it promotes protection against external damage. It has a bioactive system of color protection and mass replacement, containing amino acids, sunscreens and silicones.


Description: color treatment and illuminated effect.

Indications: Chemically colored and dull hair.

Presentation / Average yield: 15 applications

Actions/Active Components

With sunscreen, Monoï and amino acids

Luna Complex: internal and external restructuring of the capillary fiber that removes the damage caused by the oxidative processes, allowing greater interaction and permeation for the mass replenishment, strengthening and protection against future damage.

Blend Lumini: unique system for retexturization of the hair fiber. Texture and maintenance of anti-frizz color, three-dimensional brightness.

Plants of Patagonia: Yarrow, Tobacco of the Indian, Palo Pichi and Marcela – Antioxidant, antiaging, protection of color and brightness.

Polyquaternium 55: Volume reduction, thermal protection.

Monoï: excellent moisturizing agent, which provides natural shine, moisturizing and internal restructuring of the threads, emolliency, protection and repair.

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