Life Natural Detox Bamboo Conditioner – 300ml

Scalp and thread treated with the force of nature.

With toning and antiseptic properties, the Detox Bambu line combines natural active components that stimulate growth and offer state-of-the-art technology to combat major beauty salons claims: excessive oiliness and sagging.

The line was developed especially for hair exposed to chlorine, salt, cosmetics and chemical residues. These residues leave the threads heavy and lifeless. It cleanses, tones, leaving the scalp strong and healthy, returning the natural shine and silkiness to the hair. Detoxifies, promotes greater oxygenation of the wires. Stimulates yarn growth while nourishing and protecting.

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Description: Detox – Cleaning, sanitizing and strengthening.

Indications: Extremely damaged, porous, brittle, oily and falling hair.

Presentation / Average yield: 25 applications

Action and Active components

  • Bamboo: contains proteins (amino acids), cellulosic polymers, organic acids, minerals (calcium, phosphorus, iron), vitamins (A, B, C), carbohydrates and mucilages.
  • Calcium, amino acids and vitamin B: maintains hydration, shine and texture of hair, in-out action with greater ease, reduces damage caused by chemical treatments and increases the natural presence of free amino acids.
  • Keratin : restoration, moisturizing, film forming, shine, fortification and elasticity.
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