Hair Primer Stylo – 300ml

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The Stylo Embroidery Primer is designed to protect yarn from aggression from boards, dryers and babyliss. Its unique formula contains moisturizing agents like Keratin and Aloe Vera, that take care of the hair, promoting brilliance, softness and restoration to the damaged threads.

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Description: It was developed to protect the yarn from aggression of the board, dryer and babyliss. Its formula contains moisturizing agents with Keratin and Aloe vera, which takes care of the hair, promoting brightness, softness and restoration.

Average yield: 50 apps

Actions/Active Components

  • Aloe Vera: proteins, vitamins and minerals
  • Keratin: restoration, moisturizing, film forming, shine, fortification, elasticity.
  • Silicone: conditioning, tip repair, gloss and softness
  • Solar Filter
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