Colortech Red Pigment Mask – 300g

Progressive moisturizing pigmentation that allows to intensify, tone and revive the color of black, brown and red hair. In addition to maintaining color for longer, hydrate intensively and perform hair restoration.

Ideal for fragile hair!

The Colortech Pigment has the natural ingredients: Tahitian olive oil and Oliva, soy proteins, wheat and oats, which promote restoration and protection, Tenderness to the hair.

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Description: toning technology without ammonia.

Indications: colored hair sensitized.

Presentation / yield: 7 applications

Actions/Active Components

  • Triacylglycerols of Brazilian palm trees : brightness, clarity, uniformity of fiber.
  • Monoï: Excellent moisturizing agent, which provides natural shine, moisturizing and internal wrapping, emollient, protection and repair.
  • Luna Dye System: Color protection, durability, intensity and hue, integrity and brightness and less damage.
  • Wheat, soy and oat protein: protein replenishment of pigments.
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