7 em 1 BB Cream Hair Multifuncional 500ml

Multifunctional treatment with seven benefits in a single product. It is an excellent ally in the discoloration process.

More benefits for you:

1 – Color cristalization

2 – Pre and Post Chemistry

3 – Color fixing

4 – Long-lasting smooth effect

5 – Internal Reconstruction

6 – Volume reduction

7 – Anti-seizure

Allows the hair greater instant restructuring power, neutralizing the damage caused by chemical processes. As a web, it facilitates the distribution of the product, allowing the active components that restore the hydrolipid layer to form a protective film, maintaining hydration and hair protection.

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Indications: pre and post chemistry, damaged hair, crystallization of wires and color shielding.

Presentation / Average yield: 100 applications

Actions and active components

Proteins: Wheat, soy and oats – Softness, shine and texture, humectant, moisturizing, film forming, restoration, reducer of aggressive products and chemical processes.

Creatine: strength, elasticity, restoration, prevents breakage, shine and softness; Stimulates the production of keratin.

Panthenol – Vitamin B : Provides prolonged hydration, strength, malleability, lightness, shine and reduction of double ends; Helps in recovery of the wires, since it has the capacity to reach the root of the hair, where pantothenic acid is metabolized.

Mango seed oil and shea butter: Emolliency, repair, conditioning, improves combability, gloss and texture.

Polyquaternium-10: antistatic, combability, volume and conditioning.

Ph: 3.5 – 4.5.

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